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March 11, 2024


Hollywood is increasingly finding Jesus – and the results could be profound.  Those are the words of Billy Hallowell, writer for the interesting publication THE WASHINGTON TIMES.

Finding Jesus in the world of Hollywood can always be suspect for such a finding may be superficial and could be the finding of a Hollywood Jesus and not a Biblical Jesus.  Nonetheless, it can be hoped that the real Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ of Glory is what is being discovered by Hollywood and Hollywood-ers and that the corrupt culture of Hollywood, and the entertainment business generally, may in fact, at least to some extent, be:


What a blessing that would be, would it not?

Coming out of Hollywood and the entertainment world, says Hallowell, is an “agonizing stream of debauchery and hedonism.” Indeed, it is, and if that stuff is not aggressively anti-Christian, it at least cares nothing about morality, much less Christian values. Perhaps there is a revival of some sort in Hollywood, and maybe the entertainment world and business generally, and we who believe in the real Jesus Christ can only hope that such a revival and Christian enlightenment can be based on strong and solid biblical truth, fostered by the Holy Spirit, and result in real transformation, not only of the individual but the industry itself. How good that would be. We can only hope and pray that the so-called stars, actors and actresses who wish to be famous by the tens and tens of thousands, can indeed have a real born-again experience, experience real salvation, and bring to the entertainment field the love, charity, and sense of forgiveness which only true Christianity an offer. That and only that would really make a difference. And I for one do pray that that is the Jesus which this so-called new Hollywood is finding. If so, the results could as Hallowell says, really be profound and work for real change in what is probably otherwise a god-less industry.

Our culture does indeed reel with division, hatred, mistrust, and anger. If we can find leaders, men and women of character, faith, and real morality, that indeed would make a great difference in our once-great country.

So many of these actors and entertainers have indeed achieved fame, notoriety, and of course money, and the more of that, the less it seems of meaning and value. So many actors, entertainers, sports figures, and personalities of all sorts, keep  booking and hoping until there is a real finding of the ultimate happiness, Jesus of Nazareth. Faith and belief in Him, the salvation provided by Him, is the ultimate answer, the ultimate happiness, and it would be wonderful indeed if the entertainment world would find the


One of the problems the people in this industry face is that the Call of the Christ echoes loud with a summons to not be of this world, but to be transformed. To be a real Christian says the scripture, is to be in the world but not of the world.  Hollywood inhabitants do not seem willing to place their all on the altar, to be willing to give up fame, fortune, money, power, influence, and stardom to follow the babe of Bethlehem and the carpenter of Nazareth. But that is evidence of real faith and that is the only way that their lives can be transformed and the industry in which they live itself can be transformed.

Recently, Hollywood has produced some very interesting Christian respectful and Jesus-oriented movies and other products of a higher moral order. What example is the film:


Jesus Revolution (2023) - IMDb

To the astonishment of Hollywood executives and businesspersons, that film was a box office hit, drew strong reviews, and made very good money. That, said Hallowell, sent “shockwaves” through Hollywood.

Then there is also the TV series:


The Chosen: Season One (Original Series Soundtrack) - Album by Matthew S. Nelson | Spotify

That is cinematography well done, copy and storylines which are in virtually every way biblically authentic, and well watched by millions of viewers. If such programming does in fact honor Jesus Christ in a real and uncompromising way, thank God and thank Hollywood. That would mean more of this programming being produced and made available. If that in any way spreads the gospel and results in the salvation of souls, again PRAISE THE LORD. Hallowell firmly believes there is a real revival in Tinsel Town and he may be right.

Now comes our celebration of Easter, the crucifixion and the resurrection of our Lord, the real Jesus, and I for one do hope and pray that anything which comes from Hollywood which in fact respectfully and lovingly represents the real biblical Jesus would be of enormous value to our angry, hate-filled, and divisive country at this critical moment in time. Jesus states clearly that HE is the way, the truth, and the life. It is HE who has come to give us life more abundant, that our joy might be full, that our rejoicing may be great in Him and that true and real happiness can only be found in Him. Amen. Amen and I hope you feel and believe the very same way, do you?

Hollywood has always been ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, perhaps even anything too moral, never acknowledging the fact that this gospel is the power of God unto salvation and the only force in this world which can really transform in a
fundamental and eternal way the lives of human beings. If anything, ANYTHING in Hollywood can be changed, born again, and its self-produced change for the better, may God be praised. We should pray indeed that Hollywood and its inhabitants, the actors and actresses of the world, continue on the path to find the real Jesus so that indeed as Hallowell well states:


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