Youth on the March

Hear a slice of Crawford Broadcasting history! In 1949, Dr. Percy B. Crawford and his wife Ruth started Youth on the March, an evangelistic Christian program, on the ABC television network. Later they would found their own Christian radio company. Today, the Crawford Broadcasting Company owns and operates 9 FM stations and 13 AM stations in 10 different markets. Donald B. Crawford, the son of Dr. Percy Crawford, has followed the philosophy of his parents. The company continues to impact an increasingly secular America by presenting programming that honors God and country. In these special encore programs of Youth on the March, hear from the founders themselves, Percy and Ruth Crawford.

Youth on the March is an American religious television program originally broadcast on ABC from October 1949 to May 1952, and by the DuMont Television Network from October 1952 to June 1953.  The show was presented by the Young People’s Church of the Air, and included religious songs and instruction for children and teens.

The series was aired “by most of ABC’s eleven affiliates”. In each episode, Percy Crawford, his wife Ruth, and their five children appeared. The series was broadcast live from Philadelphia’s WFIL.

When Youth on the March was cancelled by ABC in 1952, the series was picked up by the DuMont Television Network for a one-season run, from October 5, 1952, to June 7, 1953.  The series continued to air in first-run syndication over a handful of stations until 1958.